Choosing The Best Stall For Your Horse

Choosing The Best Stall For Your Horse

Choosing The Best Stall For Your Horse

All horse owners who are proud of their animals would want them to live in the best quarters. After strolling all day long, you would definitely want to ensure that you leave your horse is in a comfortable, safe and secure environment. If you are planning to get a new stall, always keep in mind the fact that a horse’s stall is his bedroom. Horses spend almost a third of their lives in their stalls.

There are few important factors that you should keep in mind when you want to choose the best horse stable. They include;

1. The breed of the horse that you are going to be housing

Smaller breeds like a Shetland Pony or The Arabian don’t require much room. You will also not need high up barriers when you have the smaller breeds. Larger breeds like The Paso or Tennessee Walkers on the other hand need more square footage and higher up barriers.

2. The number of horses that you want to house

You may want a large stall with a lot of room if you are a horse breeder. If you are planning to house a large number of horses, you should opt for simple stalls with bare essential that can provide you with maximum housing capacity.

There are very many different types of horse stables in the market today. Whether you are starting from scratch or you already have a built barn, you will definitely get what you want. The options in the market are almost limitless. There are many wood and metal stall available in many different variations and price ranges. The availability of many options makes it easy for you to stay within your budget when you want to install new stalls.

When you want to pick the best horse stall, consider the variations that would be most suitable for your horse. One of the variations that you should consider is the Single-Loose-Box type. In this variation, your horse will have its very own stable. A box usually has a rear exiting gateway that opens outwards to give the horse an easy access to a loose or paddock. A stable can also be constructed to become one stand-alone unit that has gateway to a loose or paddock. This variation gives the horse an independent sleeping quarter, while giving it the freedom to access the paddock for exercise and grazing. It is optional to have an attached paddock.

Another choice that so many horse owners use are the Group Loose boxes. There are so many different types of Group Loose boxes. These boxes allow your horse to be in a social environment. If you are building a herd, giving your horses more contact with each other will be very useful in herd development. You can also choose single-stable loose boxes. These are multi-horse units that usually have fully faced gates. There is no access to grouping areas or paddock. Lose boxes, just like all other stables can be constructed to suit your liking. These stalls are best for breeders.

A tie stall can make it easy for you to organize and control your horse. It also allows you to watch over your heard easily. A tie stall helps you to ensure that your horse gets the exercise it needs to face the bad effects of being tired. Being tired for too long and too often without room for exercise can cause foot, leg or joint issues leading to colic. These stalls are great for horses that roam all day grazing for pastures. Tie stall are excellent for you if you are on a budget. They will give you the ability to maximize your herd without the need for a huge facility with many loose stalls.

Stalls have varying door options. Open faced stall are the most common because they help to conserve space in the stalls by providing an overhang through which horses can feed or drink water. They also allow more contact between horses and humans.

The best stalls are the ones that fit a rancher’s specific standards, needs and preferences. There is so much opportunity for you to customize when looking for the most suitable stall for your horse.